The General Top Deck


A top deck specifically designed and built for snowskating and to withstand winter conditions. The General top deck has carefully designed kicks that are much steeper than a standard skateboard deck; this allows maximum leverage for ollies while maintaining a comfortable feel for free-riding. With 5 plys of maple veneer, fiberglass, and epoxy lay-up the deck is strong and rigid yet maintains proper flex and light weight. With epoxy sealed top and bottom surfaces and sealed sidewall, this deck will far outlast any traditionally made skateboard deck.


Top deck

  • Dimensions- 9.25″ x 35.125″. Hole pattern- 1.625” x 18”
  • Layup- epoxy, 5 ply maple, 2 ply Biaxial fiberglass, 2 Triaxial reinforcements patches
  • Finish- epoxy sealed top and bottom surface, sealed sidewall