Alan Gerlach Pro Top Deck


A top deck specifically designed by Alan Gerlach and built for snowskating and to withstand winter conditions. This custom top deck has deep concave and slightly larger dimensions than the General. The hole pattern is drilled slightly forward creating a .375” longer tail than nose. This positioning covers more of the tail of the sub (ski) than the General which allows Alan the greatest board control and technical tricks


  • Dimensions- 9.25″ x 35.625″. Hole pattern- 1.625” x 18”
  • Detail- Custom AG deck shape, concave, and kicks. Alan Gerlach graphic
  • Layup- epoxy, 5 ply maple, 2 ply Biaxial fiberglass, 2 Triaxial reinforcements patches
  • Finish- epoxy sealed top and bottom surface, sealed sidewall